On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 11:31 AM, Nathanaël Blanchet <blanc...@abes.fr>

> I did the same test, I obtain the same result but here is what I get into
> the /var/log/messages guest (7.1) logs and not mentionned there:
> unsupported configuration: maxMemory has to be specified when using memory
> devices
> What can't I do with this error, is it a known issue?
In my case I only got the line I wrote in previous e-mail when I click ok
in web gui to increase memory:
Dec  9 23:56:18 racclient1 kernel: init_memory_mapping: [mem

See here the messages boot related lines for my guest, just before I tried
to increase memory, in case they can be useful:


BTW: Nathanaël did you increase by 256Mb multiples? I see this is a sort of
limitation... what was previous amount of ram of VM and the tried new
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