oVirt UI currently uses GWT SDK version 2.6.1
In GWT 2.6.x "classic" dev mode is still the default one.

We tried to use "super" dev mode some time ago [1] but it
didn't work for us, probably due to using direct-eval RPC
mechanism (we got HTTP 500 responses for RPC requests).

  [1] https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/26093/

Because "classic" dev mode relies on NPAPI-based browser
plugin, the downside is that developers must use old'ish
browsers that still support NPAPI (Firefox <= 26 etc).

I think we can revisit this and try to experiment with
"super" dev mode as I believe [1] was done in context of
GWT 2.5.x anyway.


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>       ovirt engine when it supports super dev mode?ovirt 3.6?
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