On Dec 22, 2015 00:36, "Julian De Marchi" <jul...@jdcomputers.com.au> wrote:
> On 21/12/2015 5:23 PM, Oved Ourfali wrote:
>> In order to upgrade a cluster you need to press right click and upgrade
>> each host in the cluster.
>> Note that this option exists only if there is indeed actually an upgrade
>> available for the host. Also note that it will love migrate all running
>> to another host before doing the upgrade.
> Thanks! I didn't think it'd be that easy when I saw the upgrade button.
>> You can of course automate that through scripting using the API, CLI or
>> SDK.
> What about the engine itself? There is a bug in 3.6.0 where it does not
show up in the oVirt cluster.

Engine upgrades are done from outside, manually via yum and Engine-setup.

Not sure what bug you are referring to.
Can you elaborate please?

> --julian
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