On 22/12/2015 4:43 PM, Oved Ourfali wrote:
On Dec 22, 2015 00:36, "Julian De Marchi" <jul...@jdcomputers.com.au> wrote:

On 21/12/2015 5:23 PM, Oved Ourfali wrote:

In order to upgrade a cluster you need to press right click and upgrade
each host in the cluster.
Note that this option exists only if there is indeed actually an upgrade
available for the host. Also note that it will love migrate all running
to another host before doing the upgrade.

Thanks! I didn't think it'd be that easy when I saw the upgrade button.

You can of course automate that through scripting using the API, CLI or

What about the engine itself? There is a bug in 3.6.0 where it does not
show up in the oVirt cluster.

Engine upgrades are done from outside, manually via yum and Engine-setup.

Any tips on this part(re engine-setup)? And should the engine or nodes be done first?

Not sure what bug you are referring to.
Can you elaborate please?


Many thanks!

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