I'm working with ovirt-shell as a workaround, less intuitive but very efficient :)

Le 21/01/2016 08:15, Nicolas Ecarnot a écrit :
Le 21/01/2016 07:54, Nir Soffer a écrit :
On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 8:36 AM, alireza sadeh seighalan
<seighal...@gmail.com> wrote:
hi everyone

i dont want to know why browsing in ovirt3.6's (3.6.2) admin console is
slow. i use firefox42.0 (from windows system) . it is a little faster in google chrome but it is slow too.how can i solve this problem? thanks in

Maybe this is this issue?

Was closed because we could not reproduce on later.

I just added my 2 cents on this bug, because I am silently suffering this same slooowwnesss for months.
Is it possible to re-open this bug and help me help you to debug this?

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