We recently had our storage array hang. We were able to get the disk array
back online, however several of our VM's attempted to migrate from one Host
to another. Now that the storage is online, several of the VM's still
indicate they are in a state of migration and I cannot manage them from
withing the ovirt engine web administration gui.

Most of the VM's are actually running properly and I can access them either
via ssh or RDP (depending on the OS).

I have attempted to clear the migration status with the following:

- service ovirt-engine restart (on the ovirt-engine vm)
- reboot ovirt-engine vm
- PGPASSWORD=############### ./unlock_entity.sh -t vm vm-name
- restart the vm from within the vm

additionally - i went on the HV of one of the VM's and did:

vdsClient -s 0 destroy vm_guid

unfortunately, that removed all traces of the vm from that HV and it was
not on any of the other three HV's - although ovirt-engine still shows it
and reports it as migrating.

I'd like to clear the migrating status of the affected VM's and figure out
how to recover the missing one.

Any help would be appreciated. I am not the person who originally setup the
ovirt installation, so I am not sure where to go to pull logs.

Thank you for your assistance.

*Mark Steele*
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