Hopefully you have resolved your stuck VM issue by now (nearly two months 
later). I came across this email from a google search. I was having the same 
exact problem with VMs being stuck in migration mode. The trigger to the VM 
migration issue was that I was setting my Host into maintenance mode. It 
migrated half of the active VMs successfully and the other half were stuck.

There were two things I had to do to fix all of my stuck VMs:
1. I shut down the host (long enough for oVirt to fence it and notice that it 
was down). I then powered it on and "confirmed host as rebooted." This reset 
the active VM count on the host and turned on my HA VMs on other hosts.
2. For the one VM that was still stuck after a host reboot, I had to login to 
postgres and set the status to 0 on that VM. This allowed me to shut down the 
migrating VM and start it back up. (I do not think I would have had to do this 
step if I did not alter the database entry for this VM before rebooting the 

For step 2, I used the methods described here: and as seen below:
ssh ovirt-engine
su postgres
\connect engine
SELECT vm_guid status FROM vm_static WHERE vm_name='XXXX';
UPDATE vm_dynamic SET status=0 WHERE vm_guid='xxxxxxxx';
UPDATE vm_dynamic SET run_on_vds = null  WHERE vm_guid='xxxxxxxx';
(I was then able to shut down the VM)

Andrew Wippler <> | Sr. Systems 
Administrator | Lancaster Baptist Church

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