I've been able to run the simple commands to enumerate quotas in a
datacenter, and to select a quota by name.

What I can not figure out how to do is how to receive detailed information
about a quota from the API.

Here's how I queried the basic information (using the python ovirtsdk

import ovirtsdk.api
> api = ovirtsdk.api.API(url=url, username=name, password=password, ...)
> datacenter = api.datacenters.get(name="my-data-center")
> team_quota = datacenter.quotas.get(name="my-teams-quota")

Which works well enough, but doesn't really provide any actual *valuable*
information (just the name, id, description, that kind of stuff).

So where is the useful stuff hidden? The stuff of real value? I have not
found any useful resources while scouring the Internet for this answer.

I want to be able to hit this API and ask for detailed information about
the usage of a quota: How much capacity is my team allotted on a given
storage domain? How much capacity are we presently consuming? Likewise with
CPU/Memory allocation type quotas.

Is this possible, or a pipe dream?


RHEVM Version:
Python SDK Version:

Thanks again folks!

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