I saw similar issues. Looks like it's related to multidisk VMs under high disk 
load. No relations with guest OS. No relations with IO threads.

I didn't debug it. Can you please show a backtrace of a thread in 
__lll_lock_wait ?

On 11/04/16 18:13, " on behalf of Markus Stockhausen" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

>Hi there,
>I'm getting slowly mad about our new Centos 7 cluster. Whenever
>I start a live merge the machine completely freezes. It seems to be
>independent of the Guest OS (tried SLES 11 SP3, SLES11 SP4 and
>SLES12). I already opened BZ1319400 because I'm clueless. 
>Doing the same in our Fedora 20 cluster (qemu 2.1.3) we only see
>small hiccups of 1-3 seconds at the start of the live merge but no
>complete stall. Its the same VM!
>Just to be sure that it is not a specific problem of our topology
>or SLES I would like to receive some feedback of the list if anyone 
>observes similar lockups in their environment.
>Thanks in advance.
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