Installed hosted engine and  after configuring  IP to ovirt engine unable
to ping the gateway and found that there is no issue with the Network .

Is there any thing am missing  while installing Hosted engine ? below is
output details,


          Engine FQDN                        : oe.bnglab.psecure.net
          Bridge name                        : ovirtmgmt
          SSH daemon port                    : 22
          Gateway address                    :
          Host name for web application      : hosted_engine_1
          Host ID                            : 1
          Image alias                        : hosted_engine
          Image size GB                      : 25
          Storage connection                 :
          Console type                       : vnc
          Memory size MB                     : 4096
          MAC address                        : 00:16:3e:2f:5c:40
          Boot type                          : cdrom
          Number of CPUs                     : 2
          ISO image (for cdrom boot)         :
          CPU Type                           : model_SandyBridge

          Please confirm installation settings (Yes, No)[Yes]: yes
[ INFO  ] Stage: Transaction setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO  ] Stage: Package installation
[ INFO  ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO  ] Configuring libvirt
[ INFO  ] Configuring VDSM
[ INFO  ] Starting vdsmd
[ INFO  ] Waiting for VDSM hardware info
[ INFO  ] Waiting for VDSM hardware info
[ INFO  ] Creating Storage Domain
[ INFO  ] Creating Storage Pool
[ INFO  ] Connecting Storage Pool
[ INFO  ] Verifying sanlock lockspace initialization
[ INFO  ] Creating VM Image
[ INFO  ] Disconnecting Storage Pool
[ INFO  ] Start monitoring domain
[ INFO  ] Configuring VM
[ INFO  ] Updating hosted-engine configuration
[ INFO  ] Stage: Transaction commit
[ INFO  ] Stage: Closing up
          The following network ports should be opened:
          An example of the required configuration for iptables can be
found at:
          In order to configure firewalld, copy the files from
          /etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/firewalld to /etc/firewalld/services
          and execute the following commands:
              firewall-cmd -service hosted-console
[ INFO  ] Creating VM
          You can now connect to the VM with the following command:
                /usr/bin/remote-viewer vnc://localhost:5900
          Use temporary password "2049ZfXr" to connect to vnc console.
          Please note that in order to use remote-viewer you need to be
able to run graphical applications.
          This means that if you are using ssh you have to supply the -Y
flag (enables trusted X11 forwarding).
          Otherwise you can run the command from a terminal in your
preferred desktop environment.
          If you cannot run graphical applications you can connect to the
graphic console from another host or connect to the console using the
following command:
          virsh -c qemu+tls://Test/system console HostedEngine
          If you need to reboot the VM you will need to start it manually
using the command:
          hosted-engine --vm-start
          You can then set a temporary password using the command:
          hosted-engine --add-console-password
          The VM has been started.  Install the OS and shut down or reboot
it.  To continue please make a selection:

          (1) Continue setup - VM installation is complete
          (2) Reboot the VM and restart installation
          (3) Abort setup
          (4) Destroy VM and abort setup
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