I'm having some issues with a couple of VMs in my cluster that cannot
be live migrated between hosts.  It appears to be the issue that is
referenced by https://access.redhat.com/solutions/870113 and

I currently have a dedicated 1Gbps network for migrations and have
modified some of my vdsm settings so that my vdsm.conf looks like

ssl = true
migration_timeout = 600
migration_max_bandwidth = 100
max_outgoing_migrations = 3
migration_downtime = 1000

management_port = 54321

The issue was happening before the configuration changes too.

The relevant lines from my vdsm.log from the host that the VM is being
migrated from: http://ix.io/xeT

Has anyone been able to resolve this or come up with a workaround for
this problem?  I understand that it is because the migration cannot
occur as fast as the changes in the VM are happening so this could be
difficult to get working.  Some downtime is acceptable for these VMs,
so if there are further config changes that can be made which allow
for more downtime then I would consider that a solution.

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