In the past we had a 3.4 and a 3.5 ovirt.  I was able to attach an Export
domain to one, export Templates and/or VMs... put in into Maint mode,
Detach it from the datacenter, go to the other ovirt manager, import the
Domain (sometimes forcing an attach, sometimes it would automatically
attach) and import my VM and/or template.  Afterwards, placing it back
into Maint mode and Dettaching.

Often times there would be a residual icon left under Storage for the
detached item... and the process was fairly repeatable.

Now, it's getting repeatable in a bad way.  Now it won't import, I have to
manually do two table record deletes and a REST call to remove the
connected storage and then and only then can I successfully import.

psql db mods look like (from the ovirt manage box):
First to find erroneous data:
select * from storage_domain_static where storage_domain_type = 3;
Then we locate the offending uuid (see full one below on the REST call)
and delete the record our of storage_domain_dynamic and static like so:
engine=# delete from storage_domain_dynamic where id =
engine=# select

Folks here talked about the latter command, but it would fail if the
reference in the storage_domain_dynamic table wasn't removed first.

Rest call looks something like this:
curl -v -u "admin@internal:ourpassword" -X DELETE

Any ideas about what is not apparently broken on our site?

Is there any other way to do export/import across datacenters?

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