Thank you Idan,
those query solved my problem.
I really don't know when it happened, and with thousand VM running it's not so easy to dig into logs.

Thank you,

Il 02/05/2016 15:39, Idan Shaby ha scritto:
Hi Giulio,

Indeed it seems that there's an inconsistency between the storage and
the database.
Somehow the template's disk was removed from the storage. Your logs
don't tell how and when.

This is what needs to be done in order to get rid of the stale entries -
run in the database:

Delete from vm_device where device_id =
Delete from images where image_group_id =
Delete from base_disks where disk_id =
Delete from vm_static where vm_guid =

If it happens again, please file a BZ with the full logs of engine and
vdsm, so we can investigate this issue.
Feel free to ask anything if you got further questions.


On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 2:36 PM, Giulio Casella <
<>> wrote:

    Hi Idan,
    you can find attached some snippet of my logs (vdsm.log from SPM
    host and engine.log from manager).
    Anyway I think logs are clear: there's no template on disk, only on
    engine database.

    My setup is composed of 3 datacenters (with clusters of 4, 4, and 6
    hosts respectively). I have about a hundred templates, and about
    1500 virtual machines.

    The step to reproduce is quite simple: in admin portal right click
    on the "damaged" template, remove. Other templates deletion work fine.


    Il 01/05/2016 08:37, Idan Shaby ha scritto:


        Can you please attach the engine and vdsm logs?
        Also, can you describe your setup and the steps that reproduced
        this error?


        On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 1:47 PM, Giulio Casella
        < <>
        < <>>> wrote:

            Hi all,
            I have a problem deleting a template from admin portal.
            In file /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log (on SPM hypervisor) I got:

            10:19:57,122::hsm::1518::Storage.HSM::(deleteImage) Empty or not
            found image <disk uuid> in SD <storage domain UUID> [...]

            Looking in the (data) storage domain the disk with that UUID
            It seems I reached an inconsistent state between engine
        database and
            images on disk.

            Is there a (safe) way to rebuild a consistent situation? Maybe
            deleting entries from database?

            My setup is based:
            manager RHEV 3.5.8-0.1.el6ev
            hypervisors: RHEV Hypervisor - 7.2 - 20160328.0.el7ev

            Thanx in advance,

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