Hello list,

I'm trying to upgrade a self-hosted engine RHEV environment running 3.5/el6
to 3.6/el7.  I'm following the process outlined in these two documents:


The problem I'm having is I don't seem to be able to apply the
"InClusterUpgrade" policy (procedure 5.5, step 4).  I get the following

Can not start cluster upgrade mode, see below for details:
VM HostedEngine with id 5ca9cb38-82e5-4eea-8ff6-e2bc33598211 is configured
to be not migratable.

But the HostedEngine VM is not one I can edit due to being mid-upgrade.
And even if I could, the setting its complaining about can't be managed by
the engine (I tried in another RHEV instance).

Is this a bug?  What am I missing to be able to move on?  As it seems now,
the InClusterUpgrade scheduling policy is useless and can't actually be

Thanks for any suggestions/help,
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