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> On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 3:49 PM, <ov...@timmi.org> wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I have two nodes (running CentOS 7) and the network interface order
>> changed for some interfaces after every reboot.
>> The configurations are done through the oVirt GUI. So the ifcfg-ethX
>> scripts are configured automatically by VDSM.
>> Is there any option to get this configured to be stable?
>> Best regards and thank you
>> Christoph
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> Hi Christoph,
> VDSM indeed edits and takes ownership of the interfaces for the networks it
> manages.
> However, editing the ifcfg files should not change anything in the order of
> the devices, unless it was originally set
> in an unsupported fashion. An ifcfg file is bound to a specific device name
> and I'm not familiar to device names
> floating around randomly.
> Perhaps you should elaborate more on what it means by 'order changed'.
> Here is an example of a setup we do not support (pre adding the host to
> Engine):
> The initial ifcfg file name: ifcfg-eth0
> The initial ifcfg file content: DEVICE="eth1"
> In this configuration, the name of the ifcfg file is inconsistent with the
> name of the device it represents.
> VDSM expects them to me in sync.
> Please provide the ifcfg files before and after you add the host to Engine.

Perhaps Christoph refers to the problem that [1] was meant to solve?

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