SSO part as simple as emitting correctly formed json to spice socket, - as I’ve 
 mentioned before, this works fine with windows guests.
Problem is only with linux guests. As for undocummented API, yes, – you are 
right, documentation should help alot. It takes time to reverse engineer code.
But having full oVirt solution or not does not change the thing, that there’s 
something wrong with linux kde plugin. I’m very confident, that this will 
persist if used Linux guest on oVirt. Perhaps this is just Debian oriented 
problem, so I was wondering if anyone had the same issue here.

From: Yaniv Kaul 
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2016 3:57 PM
Cc: users 
Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Debian linux and oVirt SSO


Part of the issue is that you are missing quite a bit of the orchestration that 
oVirt performs to make SSO work...
There may some other issues, but I warmly suggest using oVirt and not the 
undocumented APIs - which may or may not change in the future, between the 
agent and other components.

  Steps I've made:
  got oVirt guest agent up and running, I can communicate with it from

  socat /var/lib/libvirt/qemu/channel/target/domain-80-KDE64_1/com.kvm-
  vdi.0 -
  {"__name__": "os-version", "version": "4.6.0-1-amd64"}
  Compiled and copied to /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/security

  Configured /etc/pam.d/kdm-ovirt-cred with:

  auth        required
  auth        include     password-auth
  account     include     password-auth
  password    include     password-auth
  session     required close
  session     required open
  session     include     password-auth

  Compiled and copied to /usr/lib/kde4

  Configured /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc with:


  After starting kdm, I get login prompt with barely visible title (I
  assume it should spell "oVirt Authentication" from
  kgreet_ovirtcred.cpp). Username and password boxes are inactive - i
  cannot enter anything to them. After emitting username/password to
  oVirt agent, I can see the following log entries:

  Dummy-1::INFO::2016-07-15 12:29:51,628::CredServer::207::root::The
  following users are allowed to connect: [0]
  Dummy-1::INFO::2016-07-15 12:29:51,629::CredServer::273::root::Opening
  credentials channel...
  Dummy-1::INFO::2016-07-15 12:29:51,629::CredServer::132::root::Emitting
  user authenticated signal (509542).
  12:29:56,634::CredServer::241::root::Credentials channel timed out.

  The only thing that worries me, - are the entries in kdm.log file:

  klauncher(6100) kdemain: No DBUS session-bus found. Check if you have
  started the DBUS server. 

  Since oVirt guest agent sends wakeup message to greeter plugin via
  Dbus, perhaps this is the problem? Maybe someone had the same problem
  This happens on Debian 8 and 9.

  Thank you.

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