After moving to gdm, I've managed to solve the timeout issue. Now i
bumped into another one:
oVirt agent seem to emit credentials without error:

09:29:53,293::OVirtAgentLogic::304::root::User log-in (credentials =
Dummy-1::INFO::2016-07-18 09:29:53,293::CredServer::207::root::The
following users are allowed to connect: [0]
Dummy-1::DEBUG::2016-07-18 09:29:53,294::CredServer::272::root::Token:
Dummy-1::INFO::2016-07-18 09:29:53,294::CredServer::273::root::Opening
credentials channel...
Dummy-1::INFO::2016-07-18 09:29:53,294::CredServer::132::root::Emitting
user authenticated signal (250954).
09:29:53,349::CredServer::277::root::Credentials channel was closed.

But pam module is failing:
gdm-ovirtcred]: pam_ovirt_cred(gdm-ovirtcred:auth): Failed to acquire
user's credentials

After poking a bit I've managed to find, that module fails on:

    if (ret == -1) {
        D(("send() failed."));
        return -1;

in cred_channel.c

Also, i have to mention, that there's no /etc/pamd/password-auth file
in Debian Linux. I've copied it from Centos (it is needed by gdm-
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