Once upon a time, James Michels <karma.sometimes.hu...@gmail.com> said:
> I guess you mean the 'iSCSI multipath' sub-tab under the 'Datacenters' tab.
> There you can assign one or more networks to a iSCSI backend. In my opinion
> you cannot have more than one interface within the same network segment to
> do multipath, as you would have connectivity issues (not sure if ovirt
> restricts creating two overlapping networks)

The way I did it on a test 3.6 cluster was to create two networks in
oVirt, "storage1" and "storage2".  I assigned both networks to the
hosts, connected to different NICs, and gave each an IP (in the iSCSI
subnet).  Then I could set up the iSCSI multipath in the oVirt data
center.  This seems weird/wrong, and I'm not sure oVirt actually
configured both NICs in multipath.

Chris Adams <c...@cmadams.net>
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