Hi J├╝rgen,

Am 24.08.2016 um 17:15 schrieb InterNetX - Juergen Gotteswinter:
iSCSI & Ovirt is an awful combination, no matter if multipathed or
bonded. its always gambling how long it will work, and when it fails why
did it fail.

its supersensitive to latency, and superfast with setting an host to
inactive because the engine thinks something is wrong with it. in most
cases there was no real reason for.

we had this in several different hardware combinations, self built
filers up on FreeBSD/Illumos & ZFS, Equallogic SAN, Nexenta Filer

Been there, done that, wont do again.

Thank you, I take this as a warning. :)

For my testbed I chose to ignore the iSCSI-bond feature and change the multipath default to round robin instead.

What kind of storage do you use in production? Fibre channel, gluster, ceph, ...?

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