>No, it's not: you have to point to the same storage server you used
>for the first host, hosted-engine-setup will detect the existing
>installation and it will ask if you are going to add an additional
>At that point it will consume the answer file saved on the shared storage.

This is exactly what I've done but it stills asks me those question about FQDN, 
hostname and password, and as we can see it seems to find the answer file :

hosted-engine --deploy
[ INFO  ] Stage: Initializing
[ INFO  ] Generating a temporary VNC password.
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
          Continuing will configure this host for serving as hypervisor and 
create a VM where you have to install the engine afterwards.
          Are you sure you want to continue? (Yes, No)[Yes]: 
          Configuration files: []
          Log file: 
          Version: otopi-1.4.2 (otopi-1.4.2-1.el7ev)
          It has been detected that this program is executed through an SSH 
connection without using screen.
          Continuing with the installation may lead to broken installation if 
the network connection fails.
          It is highly recommended to abort the installation and run it inside 
a screen session using command "screen".
          Do you want to continue anyway? (Yes, No)[No]: yes
[ INFO  ] Hardware supports virtualization
[ INFO  ] Bridge ovirtmgmt already created
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment packages setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Programs detection
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment customization
          --== STORAGE CONFIGURATION ==--
          During customization use CTRL-D to abort.
          Please specify the storage you would like to use (glusterfs, iscsi, 
fc, nfs3, nfs4)[nfs3]: iscsi
          Please specify the iSCSI portal IP address: x.x.x.x
          Please specify the iSCSI portal port [3260]: 
          Please specify the iSCSI portal user: 
          Please specify the target name 
          The following luns have been found on the requested target:
                [1]     36002219000897d5e000025bd5754b30f       836GiB  DELL    
                        status: used, paths: 1 active
                [2]     36002219000897d5e00002ea457a406f7       100GiB  DELL    
                        status: used, paths: 1 active
                [3]     36002219000897d5e00002e5357980305       150GiB  DELL    
                        status: free, paths: 1 active
                [4]     36002219000897d5e00002fa357ad109e       500GiB  DELL    
                        status: free, paths: 1 active
                [5]     36002219000897d5e00002fa857ad11c2       80GiB   DELL    
                        status: free, paths: 1 active
                [6]     36002219000897d5e00002f1657a920a2       587GiB  DELL    
                        status: used, paths: 1 active
          Please select the destination LUN (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) [1]: 2
          The specified storage location already contains a data domain. Is 
this an additional host setup (Yes, No)[Yes]? 
[ INFO  ] Installing on additional host
          Please specify the Host ID [Must be integer, default: 2]: 
          --== SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ==--
[WARNING] A configuration file must be supplied to deploy Hosted Engine on an 
additional host.
[ INFO  ] Answer file successfully loaded
          --== NETWORK CONFIGURATION ==--
[ INFO  ] Additional host deployment, firewall manager is 'iptables'
          The following CPU types are supported by this host:
                 - model_Haswell-noTSX: Intel Haswell-noTSX Family
                 - model_SandyBridge: Intel SandyBridge Family
                 - model_Westmere: Intel Westmere Family
                 - model_Nehalem: Intel Nehalem Family
                 - model_Penryn: Intel Penryn Family
                 - model_Conroe: Intel Conroe Family
          Enter the name which will be used to identify this host inside the 
Administrator Portal [hosted_engine_2]: 
          Enter 'admin@internal' user password that will be used for accessing 
the Administrator Portal: 
          Confirm 'admin@internal' user password: 
[ INFO  ] Stage: Setup validation
[WARNING] Cannot validate host name settings, reason: resolved host does not 
match any of the local addresses
          Please provide the address of this host.
          Note: The engine VM and all the other hosts should be able to 
correctly resolve it.
          Host address:  [localhost.localdomain]:
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