> This is that part that confused me a bit : I need to set up a new FQDN for 
> the engine, but a different one right ? So each engine on each node needs a 
> different FQDN ?

> No, you have just to use a sensate globally resolvable FQDN for your 
> additional host: 'localhost.localdomain' is not.

Well actually when I use the FQDN of my current hosted engine, I doesn't seem 
to resolve...

Host address:  [localhost.localdomain]: engine.mydomain.com
[ ERROR ] Host name is not valid: vm-rhemgr.rennes.enst-bretagne.fr did not 
resolve into an IP address
          Please provide the address of this host.
          Note: The engine VM and all the other hosts should be able to 
correctly resolve it.
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