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> no, that’s not how HA works today. When you log into a guest and issue
> “shutdown” we do not restart the VM under your hands. We can argue how it
> should or may work, but this is the defined behavior since the dawn of
> oVirt.
> ​AFAIK that's correct, we need to be able ​
> ​shutdown HA VM​
> ​
> ​ without being it immediately restarted on different host. We want to
> restart HA VM only if host, where HA VM is running, is non-responsive.
> we try to restart it in all other cases other than user initiated
> shutdown, e.g. a QEMU process crash on an otherwise-healthy host
Hi, just another question in case HA is not configured at all.
If I run the "shutdown -h now" command on an host where some VMs are
running, what is the expected behavior?
Clean VM shutdown (with or without timeout in case it doesn't complete?) or
crash of their related QEMU processes?

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