On 10/19/2016 12:04 PM, Koen Vanoppen wrote:
Sorry for my very late reply!!! I am indeed using ovirt 4.0.4. BUt if I would update the ovirt version to the latest. Will this issue also be resolved or..?
yes, this issue should be resolved if you update to ovirt4.0.5. There was bug on this and it was fixed during 4.0.5. Simply moving your first host to maintenance and activating immediately should resolve the issue.


And no, only 1 hypervisor has this issue. Could this be because of the fact (Still in migration phase from 3.5 --> 4.0), that my datacenter has only 2 hypervisors available for the moment?
I read something about the fact that it needs 3 hosts at least for the quorum?

Thanks for you replies guys. Realy sorry for my late reply!

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    On 10/06/2016 01:39 PM, Koen Vanoppen wrote:
    Dear all,

    One little issue. I have 1 hypervisor in my datacenter that keeps
    having it's gluster status disconnected in the GUI. But if I look
    on the server, the service is running. I added the logs after I
    clicked on the "Restart gluster service"

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        I see that you are seeing a issue which says "Restart glusterd
    service" in the hosts general tab. If you are using ovirt version
    lesser than 4.0.5 , before adding the second node and importing
    the storage domains into the cluster you need to move the first
    host to maintenance and immediately activate it. Once you do this
    you wont be seeing this issue.

        Hope this helps



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