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> Hi,
> All storage is NFS storage exported by the host itself.  i didn't mention
> it because it shouldn't have mattered -- the HE export mounted but the
> others didn't..  Although it appears this may all have been due to the
> network issues between engine and host -- once I added a workaround to
> that issue the mounting issues seemed to resolve themselves.
> I'm not sure why I'm having this network issue.  The engine VM gets an ARP
> Redirect and then can't reach the host anymore -- but of course the host
> can reach the VM.  It's a strange issue that I haven't been able to track
> down (but is most likely not related to ovirt).

For what it's worth, it did come back after I:

1) worked around a strange networking problem where the engine couldn't
   reach the host.  I still need to figure out why I'm having this
   network issue, where the machines stop being able to communicate.  I
   don't think this is an ovirt issue, I suspect an ARP issue on my

2) Waited..  it took about 15 minutes to stabilize.

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