I've got ovirt running on a single host (with hosted-engine).  I just
upgraded the engine from 4.0.4 to 4.0.5.  That was pretty easy; I just
put the system into global maintenance mode, then yum update, then
engine-setup, then took the host out of maint mode.  Easy peasy.

Now, I want to update the host itself.  Since it's a single host system
I know I'll need to shut down all the VMs (because there's no place to
migrate them).  This means I'll need to shut down the engine VM, too.
That would imply that I can't use the "Update" feature from the ui,

So what IS the process to properly update a single-host host?  My guess

* shutdown all the VMs
* go into global maint mode (what IS the difference between global and
* shutdown the engine/engine VM
* yum update on the host
* restart services (or reboot, I guess)
* bring the system out of maintenance mode

Am I missing a step?  Do I need to run hosted-engine --deploy again
similar to how I needed to run "engine-setup" on the engine?  Or is
there something else I need to run?


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