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> Hello,
> I'm checking Italian Translation in 4.0.6 and completing it for 4.1 (now at
> 92%).
> Suppose I found an untranslated / bad translated word: what is the best and
> quick way to go to Zanata and find the reference for it and correct?
> For example in 4.0.6 I'm in dashboard and at bottom I have the three labels
> Alert, Events, Tasks
> I click ALerts and then I want to dismiss an Alert because it happened while
> I was configuring Power Management: I faked the password to verify that the
> test failed and I got the alert
> Power Management test failed for Host .....
> I rght click on the alert line and I see three options and the first and
> third one are untranslated
> they are
> Dismiss Alert
> Display All
> (I'm going to send a separate e-mail to ask about alerts and events in
> general).
> If I go to Zanata, select oVirt 4.0 and Italian language line and use the
> search function I don't find anything....
> I see there is an option to
> Download All for Offline Translation
> and
> Export Italian Documents to TMX
> I have not tried them yet, but I would prefer to directly correct online
> while I find some things to correct.

Adding devel and Yuko.
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