I have some questions about oVirt's high availability features for
VMs. My understanding is that it relies on the engine host to monitor
and manage the hypervisor hosts, so that in the case of a
unrecoverable failure of one those hosts, it will fence the host and
migrate any VM that is designated as highly available to another host
in the cluster. However, if the engine is itself hosted as a VM on a
host that fails, this process cannot take place, as the engine will be
down and cannot initiate monitoring, fencing and migration - is that

There is the option of hosting the engine externally on dedicated
hardware, or on another cluster, but then it is still a single point
of failure. I recall reading about plans for an HA engine in the
future though.

Can someone tell me what the roadmap is? Is there a plan to put
something like an HA agent on all the hypervisors in the cluster so
there is no single point of failure?

Thanks for any information,

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