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> Hi,
> I have some questions about oVirt's high availability features for
> VMs. My understanding is that it relies on the engine host to monitor
> and manage the hypervisor hosts, so that in the case of a
> unrecoverable failure of one those hosts, it will fence the host and
> migrate any VM that is designated as highly available to another host
> in the cluster. However, if the engine is itself hosted as a VM on a
> host that fails, this process cannot take place, as the engine will be
> down and cannot initiate monitoring, fencing and migration - is that
> correct?

The hosted-engine has its own HA mechanism.
In addition, in 4.1 we are introducing a feature which allows HA without
fencing, in a similar manner to hosted-engine - by a lock on the storage

> There is the option of hosting the engine externally on dedicated
> hardware, or on another cluster, but then it is still a single point
> of failure. I recall reading about plans for an HA engine in the
> future though.
> Can someone tell me what the roadmap is? Is there a plan to put
> something like an HA agent on all the hypervisors in the cluster so
> there is no single point of failure?
> Thanks for any information,
> Cam
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