I'm going to setup an environment where I will have 2 hosts and each with 2
adapters to connect to storage domain(s). This will be a test environment,
not a production one.
The storage domain(s) will be NFS, provided by a Netapp system.
The hosts have 4 x 1Gb/s adapters and I think to use 2 for ovirtmgmt and
VMs (through bonding and VLANs) and to dedicate the other 2 adapters to the
NFS domain connectivity.
What would be the best setup to have both HA on the connection and also
using the whole 2Gb/s in normal load scenario?
Is it better to make more storage domains (and more svm on Netapp side) or
only one?
What would be the suitable bonding mode to put on adapters? I normally
use 802.3ad provided by the switches, but I'm not sure if in this
configuration I can use both the network adapters for the overall load of
the different VMs that I would have in place...

Thanks in advance for every suggestion,

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