Hi List,

I am currently in the process of evaluating several KVM management
packages in order to replace some old Vsphere.

I have been running up test labs with the following:

* oVirt
* OpenNebula
* Cloudstack
* Proxmox
* Ganeti

While I am more than happy to script up a few CLI tools and interact
with Libvirt directly, that isn’t going to work for most end users of
this infrastructure.

I am running in to a bit of a challenge around the networking aspect
of what I am trying to create here, since most of these management
tools assume you are building an all-in-one box deployment, or you
manage your own network infrastructure in your datacenter.

We have 6 soon to be 8 boxes in a remote DC, and we don’t have any
flexibility around the networking.

Each box has one NIC, with a public IP, and we have a couple of /27
address ranges to use.  We need to specify which port on the switch
that /27 will be going to.

So what I would like to do is build a private address network across
all 8 boxes, either using something like PeerVPN / Tinc or the new VPN
features built in to Vswitch, I would then put that on vmbr1 for

Vmbr0 would be the public internet port on each box, and on one box I
would run up an instance of PFSense or similar in a VM which I would
route the /27’s to and then forward them to IPs on the internal IP

Does oVirt have the ability to manage a network structure such as
this, and if so how might I go about it? I've had a read through the
docs but couldn't work out how I'd build this type of structure in

Thanks for such a great peace of software, and I appreciate any
suggestions or advice anyone can offer on this issue.
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