currently I have a cluster of 3 hosts where each one has FC SAN
connectivity to 4 LUNs: 3 are already configured as storage domains (1TB,
2TB, 4TB), one is free, not allocated.
See here for screenshot:

At the moment the command "multipath -l" run on hosts shows all the 4 LUNs.

Now I want to do 2 things at storage array level:

- remove the 2TB storage domain LUN
- remove the 20Gb LUN not yet allocated

What is the correct workflow, supposing I have already emptied the 2TB from
VM disks ad such?
Select 2Tb SD, then Datacenter subtab, then "maintenance", detach" and at
the end "remove"?

I think I continue to see 4 LUNs at this point, correct?

Now I proceed with removal of lun at storage array level?

Should I select an SD line and then "Scan disks" to see refresh the SAN and
see in multipath only 2 of them at the end?
Or any manual command at host level before removal from array?

Thanks in advance

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