Thank you again for the response.

I have been able to import some of my orphaned storage domains, and the important one that contained all of the group policy desktop and document data for the entire school, has been safely recovered and back online.

I was getting an error because when I imported the domains, they were not mounting. This was due to an improperly configured firewall. I am still scavenging for some lost VM's today, it appears that some were not imported properly.

Thank you for your assistance.

On 03/16/2017 02:10 AM, Fred Rolland wrote:
Here are the feature page for importing storage domain : [1]

Can you provide more information on the error when you tried to import ?


On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 1:46 PM, JC Clark < <>> wrote:

    Thank you for your response.

    My storage is NFS storage.

    I will try with "qemu-img info" ..
I made an attempt to import the domain and I got an error. I will attempt to replicate tonight.

    Do I have to alter any of the metafiles when importing?  I seemed to 
remember it didn't like to import another data center's domain.

    Sincerely JC

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    What kind of storage are you using?
    If you check images with "qemu-img info" are you able to see the
    Can you simply import the domain unto the new ovirt?

    Am 14.03.2017 9:59 vorm. schrieb "JC Clark"<> 

    Dear Fellows and Fellettes,

    I am having serious disaster problems.  After a power transformer outside
    the building literally exploded,  surged and fried the motherboard to the
    main SPM domain computer in my Ovirt 4.0 system. After getting the computer
    working again with a new mother board.  I managed to basically loose
    integrity of the old engine.  I have rebuilt the engine.

    I have backups of the old engine and 4 data domains an ISO domain and an
    export domain which appear to not be damaged. They are all accessible from
    the CL.
      I had to create a new host and SPM.  How do I get the floating domains
    into the new Engine?

    I have 1 storage container (85GB) I must get back.  MUST GET BACK!!

    I really appreciate you reading my sob story.  Hope you can help..

    Thank You much

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