On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 4:24 PM, Alan Cowles <alan.cow...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm in a lab setup currently with 2 hosts, running RHEV-3.5, with a
> self-hosted engine on RHEL 6.9 servers. I am doing this in order to plot out
> a production upgrade I am planning going forward to 4.0, and I'm a bit stuck
> and I'm hoping it's ok to ask questions here concerning this product and
> version.
> In my lab, I have many vlans trunked on my switchports, so I have to create
> individual vlan interfaces on my RHEL install. During the install, I am able
> to pick my ifcfg-eth0.502 interface for rhevm, and ifcfg-eth1.504 interface
> for NFS, access the storage and create my self-hosted engine. The issue I am
> running into is that I get into RHEV-M, and I am continuing to set the hosts
> up or add other hosts, when I go to move my NFS network to host2 it only
> allows me to select the base eth1 adapter, and not the VLAN tagged version.
> I am able to tag the VLAN in the RHEV-M configured network itself, but this
> has the unfortunate side effect of tagging a network on top of the already
> tagged interface on host1, taking down NFS and the self hosted engine.
> I am able to access the console of host1, and I configure the ifcfg files,
> vlan files, and bridge files to be on the correct interfaces, and I get my
> host back up, and my RHEV-M back up. However when I try to make these manual
> changes to host2 and get it up, the changes to these files are completely
> overwritten the moment the host reboots connected to vdsmd start-up.

If that was your only issue, I would have recommended you to read
https://www.ovirt.org/blog/2016/05/modify-ifcfg-files/ and implement a
hook that would leave the configuration as you wanted it.

> Right now, I have vdsmd disabled, and I have host2 configured the way I need
> it to be with the rhevm bridge on eth0.502, the NFS bridge on eth1.504, and
> my VMNet "guest" bridge on eth1.500, however that leaves me with a useless
> host from RHEV standards.
> I've checked several different conf files to see where vdsmd is pulling it's
> configuration from but I can't find it, or find a way to modify it to fit my
> needs.
> Any advice or pointers here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in
> advance.

Pardon me for not clearly understanding the problem at hand.

Could you specify your Engine-defined network names and vlan IDs? Can
you specify the ifcfgs that you'd like to see on your hosts, and the
ones re-generated on reboot?

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