Since "upgrade" functionality is available for hosts in oVirt GUI I have this 
strange bug : 

- Click on "Installation>>Upgrade" 
- Click "ok" on confirmation screen 
- -> (bug) confirmation screen does not dissapear as expected 
- Click "ok" again on confirmation screen -> error : "system is already 
- Click "cancel" to be able to return to oVirt 

This happens using on : 
ovirt engine : oVirt Engine Version: 
client : windows 10 
client : chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) 

This bug was already present on oVirt 4.0 before updating to 4.1. 

Has anybody else have this problem? 

(will try to reproduce with firefox, IE) 

cordialement, regards, 

        Nelson LAMEIRAS 
Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseaux / Systems and Networks engineer 
Tel: +33 5 32 09 09 70 

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