On 05/11/2017 06:50 PM, Joel Diaz wrote:

Hi Kasturi,

Yes the ‘/var/lib/glusterd/virt’ was missing from my system.

I’m running ovirt on a RHEL - 7 - 3.1611.el7.centos on a physical machine.

The mistake is due to inexperience on my part. I stated earlier that I completely removed glusterfs and reinstalled it in order to recreate the ‘/var/lib/glusterd/virt’. The way I was uninstalling and reinstalling gluster must have been incorrect.

I ran ‘rpm -qa |grep gluster’ to get a list of the gluster components installed. I then proceeded to remove each one on the list. Then I ran a ‘yum install glusterfs* vdsm-gluster’ since I’m not sure which rpm provides the ‘/var/lib/glusterd/virt’ file. I’m not sure if this installs too many components but after that, the ‘/var/lib/glusterd/virt’ was present on my the system. I was able to proceed normally after that.

Thanks for taking the time to engage in my question,


Good to know that it works :-)
On May 11, 2017 2:20 AM, "knarra" <kna...@redhat.com <mailto:kna...@redhat.com>> wrote:

    On 05/10/2017 10:47 PM, Joel Diaz wrote:
    I though I would try something different so I removed the key
    group and value virt when creating the volumes. I was able to
    create the volumes. I stopped the data volume. I then tried to
    set the volume group by issuing a "gluster volume data group virt"

    Still get "unable to open file '/var/lib/gluster/Virt'. Error: No
    such file or directory.

    I don't know if I should continue with the setup until I can set
    this value.

    Please let me know if I can provide some logs to identify the issue.

    Thanks for your help,


    On May 10, 2017 6:57 AM, "Joel Diaz" <mrjoeld...@gmail.com
    <mailto:mrjoeld...@gmail.com>> wrote:

        Thanks for the reply.

        The file is empty. I created the file by issuing a "touch

        The first time I attempted to set the group volume, the error
        was that the file was missing. I read a bug report that
        advised to remove and reinstall the gluster package in order
        to properly recreate the file. Since that did not work, I
        created it manually.

        Thank you,


    Hi Joel,

        Do you have this file present on the system ? This file will
    be present when glusterfs is installed. I would like to first
    understand how is it missing on your system? The error is because
    i see that you do not have the file present there. Can you please
    paste output of "ls -l /var/lib/glusterd/groups/virt" ?


        On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 2:12 AM, knarra <kna...@redhat.com
        <mailto:kna...@redhat.com>> wrote:

            On 05/10/2017 06:37 AM, Joel Diaz wrote:
            Hello ovirt users,

            First off all, thanks for your work. I've been using the
            software for a few months and the experience has been great.

            I'm having a hard time trying to set the group on a
            glusterfs volume

            PLAY [master]

            TASK [Sets options for volume]
            failed: [] (item={u'key': u'group',
            u'value': u'virt'}) => {"failed": true, "item": {"key":
            "group", "value": "virt"}, "msg":
            "'/var/lib/glusterd/groups/virt' file format not valid.\n"}
            From this error it looks like the virt file format is not
            valid? Can you please paste the contents of this file?
            changed: [] => (item={u'key':
            u'storage.owner-uid', u'value': u'36'})
            changed: [] => (item={u'key':
            u'storage.owner-gid', u'value': u'36'})
            changed: [] => (item={u'key':
            u'network.ping-timeout', u'value': u'30'})
            changed: [] => (item={u'key':
            u'performance.strict-o-direct', u'value': u'on'})
            changed: [] => (item={u'key':
            u'network.remote-dio', u'value': u'off'})
            changed: [] => (item={u'key':
            u'cluster.granular-entry-heal', u'value': u'enable'})
                    to retry, use: --limit

            PLAY RECAP
********************************************************************* : ok=0 changed=0 unreachable=0 failed=1

            I've tried to remove remove glusterfs, wiping the
            glusterfs configurations and reinstalling the service.

            Any help would be appreciated.

            Thank you,


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