Not sure if I should post here, or on the dev mailling list. 

I had a serious problem when upgrading an oVirt cluster from 3.6 to 4.0 (before 
updating to 4.1) 

The error on engine-setup log was : 
"schema.sh: FATAL: Cannot execute sql command: 

After long hours of debuguing and analysing I found out the problem. On 
database, some entries on table network_attachements had a NULL value which 
were incompatible with the sql file above. 
I'm guessing this is an "exotic situation" which shouldn't exist... in theory 

Anyway, I'm fairly sure that the solution for this problem would be to patch 
the following file 
by adding the following line " update network_attachments set boot_protocol = ' 
NONE ' where boot_protocol is null ;" 

If a dev want to discuss it further, I'll be happy to explain my thoughts on 
this matter. 

cordialement, regards, 

        Nelson LAMEIRAS 
Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseaux / Systems and Networks engineer 
Tel: +33 5 32 09 09 70 

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