I have a rather strange issue which is affecting one of my last deployed Hypervisors. It is a CentOS 7 (not a oVirt Node) which runs only 3 Virtual Machines.

One of these VMs have a reasonable output traffic at peaks (500 - 700Mbps) and the hypervisor underneath is connected to the switch via a bonding (mode=2) which in turn creates bond0.XX interfaces which are connected to different bridges for each network. The VM in question is connected to bridge "ovirtmgmt".

When the problem happens the VM stops passing traffic and cannot reach even the router or other VMs in the same Layer 2. Seems the bridge stop passing traffic for that particular VM. Other VMs work fine since they were created. When this problem happens I just need to go to its Console and run a reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del), don't even need to Power Off and Power On again using oVirt Engine. I have even re-installed this VMs operating system from scratch but the problem persists. Have also changed the vNic mac address in the case (already check) of conflicted mac addresses somewhere in that Layer 2.

Last, my hypervisor machine (due a mistake) has been running with SElinux disabled, not sure if it could have anything to do with this behavior.

Anyway, anyone has ever seen any behavior like that ?

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