I have seen that if I choose the option "FC" the wizard "hosted-engine
--deploy" show me the available LUN exposed via SAS:

          Please specify the storage you would like to use (glusterfs,
iscsi, fc, nfs3, nfs4)[nfs3]: fc
          The following luns have been found on the requested target:
                [1]     3600a098000afe512000000eb5940ba27       2048GiB
                        status: used, paths: 2 active

                [2]     3600a098000afe57e000001045940baa3       2048GiB
                        status: used, paths: 2 active

Can I go forward or is this totally not supported?

Thank you

2017-07-06 11:43 GMT+02:00 yayo (j) <jag...@gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> I'm tring to install a new cluster ovirt 4.1 (Centos 7) configured to use
> a SAN that expose LUN via SAS . When I start to deploy ovirt and the engine
> using "hosted-engine --deploy" the only options I have are:
> (glusterfs, iscsi, fc, nfs3, nfs4)
> There is no option for "local" storage (that are not local naturally, but
> are multipath device exposed by SAN via LUN)
> Can you help me? What is the right configuration?
> Thank you

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