The proposed seems to be something interesting but is manual and susceptible to errors. I would much rather if this would come out of the box as it is VMware ESXi.

A 'squashfs' type of image boots up and runs completely in memory. Any logging is written and rotated also in memory which keeps only a certain recent period of logs necessary for quick trobleshooting. Whoever wants more than that can easily set a rsyslog server to collect and keep the logs for a longer period. With this, only the modified Node configuration is written in the SD Card/USB Stick when it changes which is not often which makes it a reliable solution.

I personally have a Linux + libvirt solution installed and running in a USB Stick that does exactlly this (writes up all the logs in memory) and it has been running for 3+ years without any issues.


On 20/07/2017 03:54, Lionel Caignec wrote:
Ok thank you,

for now i'm not so advanced on architecture design i'm just thinking of what 
can i do.


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i'm planning to install some new hypervisors (ovirt) and i'm wondering if it's 
possible to get it installed on sdcard.
I know there is write limitation on this kind of storage device.
Is it a viable solution? there is somewhere some tuto about tuning ovirt on 
this kind of storage?
Perhaps provide some more details about your plans?

The local disk is normally used only for standard OS-level stuff -
mostly logging. If you put /var/log on NFS/iSCSI/whatever, I think
you should not expect much other local writing.
Didn't test this myself.

People are doing many other things, including putting all of the
root filesystem on remote storage. There are many options, depending
on your hardware, your existing infrastructure, etc.



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