We have a use-case to limit VM resources for each user and were following guidelines specified in the admin guide to set quota and limit resources for each user [section: 16.8. Using Quota to Limit Resources by User]. However looks like that quota is shared by all the users added as consumers.

Suppose I have created a quota (say quota1) to limit the storage capacity to 100GB for each user. Once I add user1 and user2 as consumers to that quota, seems like both users combined are entitled to 100GB. Is my understanding correct?

Please let me know if there is any way to configure a single quota which could be applied for each user individually (i.e, in the above eg., each user should be limited to 100GB storage capacity).

Or is the only way this can be done is by creating separate quota for each user [which seems like tedious process and cannot scale]?

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