Hi Latcho,

I'm using FreeNas and TrueNas and I'm happy with both Systems. For FreeNas I'm 
using an older Server with 64GB RAM and 2,8GhZ CPU. I'm running NFS as well as 
iSCSI and both work well. The performance is as expected maxing out the 1Gbit/s 
LAN connection and it could do more with higher LAN speed. I found it to be a 
very robust and easy to use system for storage.


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Dear oVirt-ers,

Just curious - did someone uses FreeNAS as storage  for oVirt.  My staging 
environment is - two virtualization nodes, hosted engine, FreeNAS as storage 
(iSCSI hosted storage, iSCSI Data(Master) domain and NFS shares as ISO and 
export domains)

Thank you!


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