Dear Team,

After a power failure and restart, one of my instances would not display properly from the Ovirt User Portal.

This error would scroll down the screen repeatly to infinitum.

XFS (dm-0): Metadata CRC error detected at xfs_inobt_read_verify+0x79/0xb0 [xfs], xfs_inobt block 0x1df188
XFS (dm-0): Unmount and run xfs_repair
XFS (dm-0): First 64 bytes of corrupted metadata buffer:
(Hex Dump)

I detached the boot disk and attached to another instance and ran xfs_repair on it, to no avail.

The instance boots fine and I am able to access via XRDP.

When I try to access via spice or VNC I get  the error.


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