Thanks Eduardo!

I think I can find a third server to build a glusterFS storage. So the
first step will be to install a self-hosted engine on the new server and
start building a glusterFS storage. IS there any easy way to migrate
existing 5 VM's running on the second bare-metal oVirt host, right? I found
a little bit tricky moving oVirt backups between the hosts (at least I
failed to replicate the existing VM's on the second server).


On Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 10:24 AM, Eduardo Mayoral <> wrote:

> For HA you will need some kind of storage available to all the compute
> nodes in the cluster. If you have no external storage and few nodes, I
> think your best option for storage is gluster , and the minimum number of
> nodes you will need for HA is 3 (the third gluster node can be
> metadata-only, but you still need that third node to give you quorum, avoid
> split-brains and have something that you can call "HA" with a straight face.
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> On 03/11/17 08:10, Artem Tambovskiy wrote:
> Looking for a design advise on oVirt provisioning. I'm running a PoC lab
> on single bare-metal host (suddenly it was setup with just Local Storage
> domain) and
> no I'd like to rebuild the setup by making a cluster of 2 physical
> servers, no external storage array available. That are the options here? is
> there any options to build cheap HA cluster with just 2 servers?
> Thanks in advance!
> Artem
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