For it to work you need to have the bricks in replicate. Of brick on
each server. 
If you only have two nodes. The quoum will be to low so it will set the
gluster to failsafe mode until the other brick comes online. 
For it to work properly you need three nodes with one brick or two
nodes and a third node acting as an arbiter.
/JohanOn Thu, 2017-11-09 at 11:35 +0100, Jon bae wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm very new to oVirt and glusterFS, so maybe I got something
> wrong...
> I have the oVirt engine installed on a separate server and I have
> also two physical nodes. On every node I configure glusterFS, the
> volume is in distribution mode and have only one brick, from is one
> node. Both volumes I also add to its own storage domain.
> The idea was, that both storage domains are independent from each
> other, that I can turn of one node and only turn it on, when I need
> it.
> But now I have the problem, that when I turn of on node, both storage
> domains goes down. and the volume shows the the brick is not
> available.
> Is there a way to fix this?
> Regards
> Jonathan
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