We have an issue where hosts are configured with the public facing
nework interface as the ovirtmgmt network and it's default route is
added to a ovirt created table but not to the main routing table.  From
my searching I've found this snippet from https://www.ovirt.org/develop
/release-management/features/network/multiple-gateways/ which seems to
explain why I can't ping anything or communicate with any other system
needing a default route.

"And finally, here's the host's main routing table. Any traffic coming
in to the host will use the ip rules and an interface's routing table.
The main routing table is only used for traffic originating from the

I'm seeing the following main and custom ovirt created tables.

# ip route show table main via dev enp3s0.106 dev enp3s0.106 proto kernel scope link src dev PUBLICB proto kernel scope link src dev enp6s0 scope link metric 1002 dev enp3s0 scope link metric 1003 dev enp7s0 scope link metric 1004 dev enp3s0.106 scope link metric 1020 dev PRIVATE scope link metric 1022 dev PUBLIC scope link metric 1024 

table 1138027711
# ip route show table 1138027711
default via dev PUBLIC via dev PUBLIC

If I manually execute the following command to add the default route as
well to the main table I can ping ouside of the local network.

ip route add via dev PUBLIC

If I attempt to modify the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-PUBLIC
ad reboot the server ad one would think this file is recreated by vdsm
on boot.

What I'm looking for is the correct way to setup a default gateway for
the main routing table so the hosts can get OS updates and communicate
with the outside world.
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