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>> hello,
>> any update on how to give JSON representation (or other way) to use
>> vdsm-client and change ip/gateway of ovirt-ng node?
>> Thanks
> How to use vdsm-client in general: Just check its man page.
> You will need to fill up the existing management network details in the
> json format, replacing just the IP address.
> The main concern here is, that if you missed something, it may be removed.
> You should follow https://access.redhat.com/solutions/168983 for full
> details.
> I would suggest using a different approach, although I have not tested it
> myself:
> Edit the persisted relevant configuration files: /var/lib/vdsm/persistence/
> netconf
> (Change the IP there, without touching the other stuff)
> Then, reboot the host.. It should identify that the existing config is not
> in sync with the persisted one and a reconfig will be issued automatically.
> The risk here is that the config will not successfully get applied, so
> make sure you save the previous version.
> Thanks,
> Edy.
Actually I see some misalignment between what I see in man page, what I get
with "-h" option and real command usage.
Eg in oVirt 4.1.7 (vdsm-client-4.19.37-1.el7.centos.noarch):

man vdsm-client

   Invoking commands with complex parameters
       For invoking commands with complex or many arguments, you can read a
JSON dictionary from a file:

           vdsm-client Lease info -f lease.json

       where lease.json file content is:

               "lease": {
                   "sd_id": "75ab40e3-06b1-4a54-a825-2df7a40b93b2",
                   "lease_id": "b3f6fa00-b315-4ad4-8108-f73da817b5c5"

But actually if I create a json file and execute

[root@ovirtng4101 ~]# vdsm-client Host setupNetworks -f network.json

I get:

usage: vdsm-client [-h] [-a HOST] [-p PORT] [--unsecure] [--insecure]
                   [--timeout TIMEOUT] [-f FILE]
                   namespace method [arg=value] ...
vdsm-client: error: unrecognized arguments: -f

I have to try it in 4.1.8 if solved

The workaround to change in place the file (in my case ipaddr and gateway
and then shutdown/power on seems to work ok instead. I can reinstall the
host and the change remains persistent across reboots

Thanks for the pointer for RHEV doc, because I didn't find it at first
glance and I have to do the same for a RHEV eval too; but it seems the
problem is present also there with RHV-H installed in December (nodectl
info reports that current layer is rhvh-4.1-0.20171101.0+1; probably the
problem has been already solved, I have to check). I can give more details
on this off-list if you like as this doesn't directly relate with oVirt.

Thanks in the mean time for the persistence file method that I think/hope
will work for RHV-H too if I don't update the image


PS: ok also for the "not officially supported." advise. This is only a test
where two hosts are to be moved from datacenter 1 to datacenter 2...
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