Dear Michal,

Please clarify ‘Perhaps you can use webadmin and limit user’s permissions the 
way you need’. Clean oVirt 4.2 installation have only admin user. Or I am 
wrong? What type of user is webadmin you are talking about?

Thank you!

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On 29 Dec 2017, at 16:20, Vrgotic, Marko 
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Dear oVirt community,

I have following setup:
4 servers as glusterfs storage: providing volume 1 for HostedEngine ad volume 2 
for VM Storage
7 Hypervisors
SelfHosted Engine 4.2.0 clean install (not an upgrade)

Missing option to add/create VM disk from VM Portal / even as Admin user.

there is no disk manipulation in VM Portal

I have tried with Admin suer and creating user “Test” wth PowerUser role.
In both cases there is not option to create or attach disk.

Is the approach changed since 4.2.0?

Yes. The old User Portal where it was possible to fully edit a VM was 
discontinued in 4.2. The new VM Portal doesn’t have that capability yet

Perhaps you can use webadmin and limit user’s permissions the way you need


Am I missing a setting?
Please let me know, I will provide more data if needed.

Kindly awaiting your reply.

Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,
Marko Vrgotic
System Engineer/Customer Care

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