Hi, I asked this on the virt-viewer list, but it appears to be dead, so my
apologies if this isn't the right place for this question.

When I access my vm's locally using virt-viewer on windows clients,
everything works fine, spice or vnc.

When I access the same vm's remotely over a site-to-site VPN (setup between
the two firewalls), it fails with an error: unable to connect to libvirt
with uri: [none].  Similarly I cannot connect in a browser-based vnc
session (cannot connect to host).

I can resolve the DNS of the server from my remote client (domain override
in the firewall pointing to the DNS server locally) and everything else I
do seems completely unaware of the vpn link (SSH, RDP, etc).  For example
connecting to https://ovirt-enginr.mydomain.com works as expected.   The
only function not working remotely is virt-viewer.

Any clues would be appreciated!
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