I have just migrated my dev cluster to the latest master, reinstalling the engine VM and reimporting from a previous backup. I'm trying with 4.3.0-0.0.master.20180222192611.git01e6ace.el7.centos

I had a few problems:

- the documentation seems to be outdated, and I just find by searching the archives that it's needed to add the two (undocumented) options --he-remove-storage-vm --he-remove-hosts

- despite the fact I selected "No" to running the engine-setup command in the VM (the ovirt appliance), the engine-setup is executed when running hosted-engine --deploy, and as a result the procedure does not stop allowing to reload the db backup. The only way I found was to put the hosted-engine in global maintenance mode, stop the ovirt-engine, do an engine-cleanup and reload the db, then it's possible to add the first host in the GUI, but must be done manually

- after it's all done, I can see the hosted_storage is imported, but the HostedEngine is not imported, and in the Events I see messages like this:

VDSM atlas-svc-18 command GetVolumeInfoVDS failed: Image path does not exist or cannot be accessed/created: (u'/rhev/data-center/mnt/glusterSD/atlas-fsserv-07.roma1.infn.it:_atlas-engine-02/f02d7d5d-1459-48b8-bf27-4225cdfdce23/images/c815ec3f-6e31-4b08-81be-e515e803edce',)

   the path here is clearly wrong, it should be /rhev/data-center/mnt/glusterSD/atlas-fsserv-07.roma1.infn.it:_atlas-engine-02/f02d7d5d-1459-48b8-bf27-4225cdfdce23/images/b7bc6468-438c-47e7-b7a4-7ed06b786da0/c815ec3f-6e31-4b08-81be-e515e803edce, and I see the hosted_engine.conf in the shared storage has it correctly set as vm_disk_id=b7bc6468-438c-47e7-b7a4-7ed06b786da0.

Any hint on what is not allowing the HostedEngine to be imported? I didn't find a way to add other hosted engine nodes if the HE VM is not imported in the cluster, like we were used in the past with the CLI using hosted-engine --deploy on multiple hosts.

Thanks for any help,


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