Hi Sahina,

On the fourth node, I've found /var/log/glusterfs/rhev-data-center-mnt-glusterSD-ovirtnode1.core\:_engine.log ... is this the engine.log you're referring to or do you want one from the hosted engine?

I actually do want to go replica 5. Most VM's it runs are small(1 Core,1gb Ram,8gb HDD) and HA is needed. I'd like a bigger critical margin than one node failing.

As far as the repos, it's a straight the ovirtnode iso install, I think it's Node 4.2.0... which is yum updated to When I installed 4.0 I'd installed on top of centos. This round I went straight with the node os because of simplicity in updating.

I can manually restart gluster from cli, the peer and volume status show no peers or volumes.

One thing of note, the networking is still as setup from the node install. I cannot change the networking info from the ovirt gui/dashboard. The host goes unresponsive and then another host power cycles it.


On 03/21/2018 06:12 AM, Sahina Bose wrote:

On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 9:41 PM, Hanson Turner <han...@andrewswireless.net <mailto:han...@andrewswireless.net>> wrote:

    Hi Guys,

    I've a 3 machine pool running gluster with replica 3 and want to
    add two more machines.

    This would change to a replica 5...

Adding 2 more nodes to cluster will not change it to a replica 5. replica 3 is a configuration on the gluster volume. I assume you don't need a replica 5, but just to add more nodes (and possibly new gluster volumes) to the cluster?

    In ovirt 4.0, I'd done everything manually. No problem there.

    In ovirt 4.2, I'd used the wizard for the hosted-engine. It looks
    like the fourth node has been added to the pool but will not go
    active. It complains gluster isn't running (which I've not
    manually configured /dev/sdb for gluster). Host install+deploy
    fails. Host can go into maintenance w/o issue. (Meaning the host
    has been added to the cluster, but isn't operational)

Are the repos configured correctly on the new nodes? Does the oVirt cluster where the nodes are being added have "Enable Gluster Service" enabled?

    What do I need to do to get the node up and running proper with
    gluster syncing properly? Manually restarting gluster, tells me
    there's no peers and no volumes.

    Do we have a wizard for this too? Or do I need to go find the
    setup scripts and configure hosts 4 + 5 manually and run the
    deploy again?

The host addition flow should take care of installing gluster.
Can you share the engine log from when the host was added to when it's reported non-operational?



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